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Blackberry Four

Friday, March 26, 2010

front | back

White collar + piping on the neckline | stretchable band on the waist

two front pockets | lace design

-Good news! Laces are still in ;)
-Comes with white piping and collar on the neckline
-Stretchable band on the waist for better fit
-Two front pockets to keep your tissues and little papers and whatnot
-Awesome lace design
-Full black lining inside so your body won't itch
-Definitely an LBD with a twist ;)

Measurements: Bust min 30", max 40" | Waist min 23", max 34" | Length 34"
Size: XS - L ( UK 4 - UK 12)
Colour: Black (2 SOLD)
Price: RM43

Cloudberry One

Friday, January 29, 2010

-Smooth and shiny
-The zipper at the bottom of the bag (refer picture 1 and 2) is non functional
-Comes with two chains
-Have 2 inner pockets; one can be zipped, the other one is for hand phone, and also a pocket at the back of the bag

Measurements: Width 18.5 inch, Length 11.5 inch, Base 4.5 inch
Material: PU
Colours: Bronze SOLD, Creamy whiteSOLD
Price: RM35

Annberry Three

Friday, September 25, 2009

Selling for a friend :

-A simple halter top ;)

Size: M
Colour: Baby pink SOLD
Brand: Valleygirl
Price: RM28

Annberry One

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Selling for a friend :

-A simple baby blue tube top. Need I say more?

Size: 1
Colour: Baby blue SOLD
Brand: WH
Price: RM18

Annberry Five

Selling for a friend :

-Double layered hem mini skirt
-The waist is adjustable
-Flower design at the hem of the skirt

Size: XXS (able to fit XS - small S)
Colour: White SOLD
Brand: Supre
Price: RM28

Bilberry One

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

-You can wear this cute tee anywhere,anytime!
-Either you're going for shopping, out for a walk or even to sleep
-Wear it as long top / dress or petites
-Or fold the hem to wear it as normal shirt! ;D

Size: FREE (fits until UK16)
Available colors: Grey SOLD, Yellow SOLD,
Pink 2 SOLD, White SOLD
Before: RM 38
NOW: RM 30 ONLY!!!

Bilberry Two

Thursday, February 12, 2009

-This tee with pockets can either be worn with the sleeves up or even let it down loose to the wrists
-And it has a slimming effect too

Size: FREE (fits until UK16)
Colours: Black SOLD, White SOLD, Silver SOLD,
Bronze SOLD
Price: RM 37 NOW RM35 + FREE POSTAGE!!

Kirsberry One

Monday, February 2, 2009

Selling for a friend :

-Elastic at the neck and the waist part for better fit
-Sheer material with white lining inside
-A ribbon is attached at the left side of the dress

Size: Free (fits until UK12)
Colour: White SOLD
Price: RM 35

Cloudberry Two

Saturday, January 24, 2009

-Smooth and shiny
-Vertical stripes design
-This big bag can either be rectangle as shown in picture 1 or,
-Turn into round edges as shown in picture 2
-Have 2 inner pockets; one can be zipped, another one is for hand phone and also a pocket at the back of the bag

Measurements: Width 17.5 inch, Length 13 inch, Base 5"
Material: PU
Colour: Bronze SOLD
Price: RM35

Kirsberry Two

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Selling for a friend :


-The straps are adjustable
-Smocked at the back part for better fit
-Sheer material with black lining inside
-Frilly at the chest part
-Decorated with a line of tulle at the hem

Size: UK 8 / EURO 36 (fits UK 4 - UK 8)
Colour: Black with red flower design SOLD
Price: RM 42

Reviewed by :

Cloudberry Three

Sunday, January 11, 2009

*real colour is black. picture is brightened for detailing purpose*
-This big bag is a must-have item for all college/uni students and even office workers!
-Have 3 pockets at the sides, 3 pockets at the front of the bag, and 3 inner pockets; one can be zipped, one for handphone, and another one for small notebooks
-Can withstand the weight of heavy books
-Good quality material
-Comes with a detachable and adjustable sling strap

Measurements: Width 12 inch, Length 13 inch, Side width 4 inch, Base 7 inch
Material: Denim-like
Colour: Black SOLD TO VIVI
Price: RM35

Kirsberry Three

Monday, December 29, 2008

Selling for a friend :

-Slightly stretchable
-The outer part of the strap is velvet
-Dress is simple, not too much detailing
-Got an elastic band at the back for better fit

Size: FREE (best fits UK4 - small UK8)
Color: Red with white flower design SOLD
Brand: Tulipe
Price: RM35

Reviewed by :

Tieyberry Four

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Selling for a friend :

-Floral print
-Very Comfortable
-Can be button up until UK16!

Size: Free (fits UK4 - UK16)
Colour: Green SOLD
Before: RM 30

Reviewed by :

Annberry Seven

Friday, December 12, 2008

Selling for a friend :


-Got two pockets
-Pleated at both front and back of the skirt
-Denim-like skirt

Size: FREE (fits XS - S)
Colour: Dark brown SOLD
Price: RM28